2017-2018 Executive Board and Directors

Job Descriptions


  • Oversee the PTO Executive Board: schedule regular board meetings, set agenda.
  • Oversee regular PTO meetings: set schedule, set agenda, manage the publicity of meeting schedule, notify custodians, recruit teacher representatives.
  • Represent Francis Wyman PTO at Burlington PTO Presidents Group (meets two to three times per year).
  • Represent FW PTO to town organizations such as scholarship committee, school committee, special lectures and town-wide programs concerning the schools.
  • Approve all PTO notices that go out to parents from PTO committees or Executive Board. Ensure that principal has approved all notices.
  • Manage the process of identifying a PTO Executive Board liaison for each committee.
  • Receive nominations for PTO Executive Board elections from PTO nominating committee.
  • Act as the Executive Board liaison on two or three of the PTO committees.
  • Manage the analysis of the financials of the PTO using the detailed revenue and expense information provided by the treasurer each month. Report on the overall financial status to the executive board and to the general PTO meeting.

First Vice President

  • Serves in an advisory and liaison capacity

Second Vice President

  • Assume responsibilities of the Co-Presidents in the event that either one or both is unable to perform them.
  • Manage the updating of information and postings on the PTO bulletin board and calendar located in the school lobby.
  • Manage the purchase of PTO supplies, especially lilac colored paper for PTO notices.
  • Manage the pick-up and distribution of PTO mail from the PTO mail box at the school office.
  • Act as the Executive Board liaison on two or three of the PTO committees.
  • Initiates, coordinates and organizes the purchase and distribution of gifts (expressions of gratitude or sympathy) from the PTO including those distributed at the holidays (gift to principal, assistant principal, secretaries and teacher rooms), special occasions (holiday and spring music concerts to music teachers; completion of Artist in Residence program to art teacher), or other events (illness, passing, unforeseen event) that should be recognized by the PTO.


  • Records meeting minutes from regular PTO meetings and PTO Executive Board meetings.
  • Types meeting minutes and provides copies (electronic or paper) for approval to principal and PTO Co-Presidents.
  • Organizes the publishing of approved meeting minutes on school website and PTO bulletin board.
  • Publishes and distributes meeting reminder notices within a reasonable time prior to the regular PTO meetings.
  • Keeps a handful of paper copies of meeting minutes available for distribution at PTO meetings.
  • Records attendance at PTO meetings listing names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Oversees the organizing of the PTO Committees including: recruiting volunteers in the spring and early fall for the upcoming school year by sending out and collecting parent volunteer notices, and assembling and distributing committee packets (list of committee members, PTO committee guidelines, committee responsibility description).
  • Possesses a current copy of the PTO Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order at Executive Board and regular meetings of the PTO for reference, as needed.
  • Act as the Executive Board liaison on two or three of the PTO committees.


  • Maintains all PTO financial accounts.
  • Writes checks for authorized purchases.
  • Makes deposits and records all PTO monies.
  • Balances check book monthly.
  • Gives monthly financial report to PTO Executive Board and PTO general meeting.
  • Supplies start-up cash for PTO functions, as needed.
  • Act as the Executive Board liaison on two or three of the PTO committees.